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1) NO FLAMING. We all have out own opinions and views; if you can't respect that here, you will be banned. Plain and simple.

2) Off-Topic Posts. OT posts are allowed, in moderation. Informing the community if you'll be away, or showing off new body art (provided there's at least some common link -- Wicked or RENT or something) is perfectly okay. Posting that your cat coughed up a hairball isn't. That's why you have personal journals.

3) Fan-Girl Squee'ing. Let's face it. At least publically, Idina and Kristin no longer see each other. But if you love Kristin, and she was seen somewhere, for the love of OZ, tell us!

4) Eat, drink, and be Chenzel. Just don't fly without your designated witch.


RPF, or, Real Person Fiction, in any form it may take (RPF-influenced art included), is not meant to be disrespectful in any way to those portrayed in it. In my opinion, for a writer to use a particular person in their craft is a sign of respect and admiration, and should be taken as such.

The postings on this community are in no way meant to imply any connection to reality unless otherwise stated by individual authors. The maintainer(s) of this community take no responsibility for any such statements.


What's allowed:

The romantic pairing of Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth.
The friendship pairing of Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth.
The romantic pairing of Idina Menzel and anyone other than Kristin Chenoweth.
The romantic pairing of Kristin Chenoweth and anyone other than Idina Menzel.

Basically, give us some Chenzel, give us some Cheno, give us some Menzel... whatever, and we're happy.

However, specify the pairing of the story, so that those who don't wish to read anything other than Idina/Kristin won't accidentally read Idina/Taye or something. Okay?

Posting Fanfic

1) Subject lines. Please format them as follows: "Title, Author, Pairing, Rating" Stories that are *not* formatted as such will not be added to the memories.

2) Beta Readers. There is a list of beta readers here. I would advice everyone to take a look at it. Please note that if your fic has rampant spelling/grammar/OOCness, it may be removed and you may be asked to edit it before reposting.

Fan Art

See rules for Fanfiction and Posting Fanfic.